Paper Route is an all-in-one delivery route manager.

We take the headache out of local newspaper deliveries.

Optimize routes.

Wondering how to hit all your locations in the fastest time? Paper Route will find the best path to help you move efficiently.

Eliminate waste.

Paper Route uses statistical analysis to determine how many papers you should order for each delivery cycle.

Analyze distribution.

Your distribution network can be viewed, probed and tracked, allowing you to make the best decisions based on a deep level of knowledge about your distribution.

Need More Reasons?

  • Paper Route is simple to use. Even your newest employees can pick Paper Route up and feel right at home. No need for extensive training.
  • Organize your locations into routes, then assign them to a driver. This makes it less likely people will be bumping into each other or overlapping when they're out delivering.
  • Track how often locations are being visited. You don't want your drivers wasting time by visiting the same location over and over; Paper Route will show you the last time someone checked a certain place.
  • Optimize your distribution network. Now you know which locations are underperforming and which ones are driving your business forward.
  • Tell your advertisers exactly what your numbers are. It's impressive to be able to tell someone exactly what your distribution looks like, and then back it up with evidence.
  • Leave notes for other delivery drivers. Each location can have notes to let people know of any quirks.
  • Mark locations with colored tags. You can mark all the locations that have special features with a color that jumps out and reminds your drivers.

Ready To Get Started?

Getting Paper Route working for you is as easy as...

Add your locations into Paper Route. With our Starter Pack, you can add up to 400 locations.

Create routes and optimize the path you'll take through them. Our routing engine will find the fastest way to move through your city.

Open your phone and start delivering!
Compatible with all phones, Paper Route's mobile version lets you take the most important features with you on the road.

Want to get Paper Route
running your deliveries?

Paper route empowers businesses to take their delivery
process and extract the highest value possible.

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